We recognize the Terrier breeds to be very special, intelligent, versatile and devoted members of our families. Our club members primary objectives are to protect and advance the interest of the Terrier breeds (Group IV) in areas such as:

  • showing
  • breeding
  • grooming
  • health care
  • encouraging ethical and sportsman-like conduct at all times

The club supports our objectives by:

  • Sponsoring the Meals for Paws program in which senior citizen recipients of the Meals on Wheels program receive nutritional foods for their companion dogs.
  • Supporting the College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech.
  • Holding matches and Specialty shows.
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter, Terrier Tales.
  • Attending public functions such as our local Pet Expos in an effort to share our terrier breeds and information about them with the public for educational purposes.

Our club members are diverse in their interests and knowledge regarding the Terrier breeds. The membership includes:

  • show judges
  • breeders
  • dog trainers
  • pet owners
  • rescue workers
  • showing
  • training
  • earthdog trials
  • therapy
  • rescue work
  • and other activities

We invite all those interested in the Terrier breeds to join us at our regular monthly meetings:

Virginia Terrier Club
2nd Thursday of each month from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Three Chopt Presbyterian Church
9315 Three Chopt Road, Richmond, VA.

For more information please feel free to call Susan Brush at 804-320-5868.